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Timber & Ryno Decking
Berkshire & Oxfordshire

If your decking is old, worn or damaged you will no doubt be looking for a company that specialises in affordable decking solutions. Thankfully for you, Smart Fencing is one of the leading choices for high quality fences and decking installations throughout Berkshire and Oxfordshire, offering a wide range of solutions to help you take your decking project forward.

Decking Installation Berkshire

Two of the main decking styles we install are timber and Ryno decking, although we can tailor all installations to suit our clients needs.

Why Choose Smart Fencing?

In order for a decking installation to be successful, you will not only need a well thought out design, you will also require high quality decking.

Smart Fencing provides a wide range of high quality and affordable decking solutions, and also offer our professional installation services to guarantee your new decking looks as great as you imagined it would.

Our team comes with years of experience specialising in the supply of high quality decking and can help you choose the right materials to make your project successful. Take the time to call us on: 01491 269 987 and speak to a member of the Smart Fencing team today.

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